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It’s much more than a department store. At times it’s a symbol of opulence, or a political battlefield. But most of all the just the name ‘Harrods’ evokes a preference for finer things, excellent service and quality above all else.

The process to become a supplier was long and arduous, and we started working on it as soon as we tackled the greater London market. Standards had to be met, and any would be supplier that was in a hurry to finish this process was evidently not suited for the job. We had to earn it.

We at Nata Pura take great pride in our product. It sells itself. It’s elegant without being snobbish, it has quality without pretention. We are confident of its value. To see it being sold at the Harrods food court simply means that other people – who are as demanding and quality oriented as ourselves – recognize that value. It means we were right all along.

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Posted by Filipe Jensen

Filipe Jensen proudly serves as Brand Communication Officer at Nata Pura. If he speaks so much about Natas it becomes boring, ask him about travel or digital arts, and he will proceed to bore you with those subjects.