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Nata Pura is the brand that is taking the Pastel de Nata to the world stage!

We Portuguese have had it all to ourselves for over 300 years; Now it’s time to share it with the world! Actually, this little pastry has been around the block. There are Natas to be found wherever the Portuguese are. The Danta and the Egg Tart are somewhat altered versions of the Nata from East China and Malaysian bay regions. The Portuguese custard Tart is the English name for it.

But so much is lost along the way! The Nata is a deceptively simple treat. Richly thick custard cream nestled in a savory, flaky puff pastry, nicely caramelized on top. Quality standards vary greatly, and whereas in Portugal every little café can provide you with a perfectly suitable Nata, overseas we have seen some inferior representations. Nata Pura is the answer! You can now enjoy a Nata anywhere in the world just as if you bought it in a little coffee shop off the streets of Lisbon. Our gourmet standards and use of the finest ingredients made Nata Pura the most internationally awarded Nata in the world.

Say hi, Do you want to meet the team behind Nata Pura? Or do you have a business and want to talk shop? Visit our institutional site at www.byfoodsglobal.com